Stephan Shelanski

VSiN, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer
Stephan Shelanski is partner and chief strategy officer at VSiN, The Sports Betting Network, to which he brings an extensive and broad-based expertise in film, television, and sports programing; production; and all aspects of cable and digital networks. Based in Las Vegas, VSiN is the first live-streamed 24/7 network exclusively focused on sports betting information.

Through early 2013, Shelanski held the title of executive vice president of programming for Starz. In this role, he managed Starz’s entire annual programming budget of $700m+ and was the lead negotiator for all Starz multi-year output deals (each valued at over $1 billion) and major studio library deals. Shelanski created and ran Starz's Original Programming department and was responsible for such shows as Spartacus, Party Down, Crash, and Martin Lawrence's 1st Amendment. He also supervised all content acquisitions and oversaw all program scheduling, promotion scheduling, brand messaging, and product planning across all 17 Starz and Encore networks and platforms (including all HD, OD, and IP services).

Shelanski also was the general manager of HDNET MOVIES, an AXS TV company, and one of the few remaining pure cable movie networks playing films uncut and commercial free. Prior to working at Starz, he worked at HBO in program research (analyzing audience ratings and scheduling strategies) and in programming.

Featured in: Betting/Predictive Gaming Roundtable (12/15)

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