Digital Content and Social Media Production Roundtable

Monday, December 14, 2020
Time: 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. ET


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, fans were stuck at home and unable to enjoy an in-person game-day experience. As most venues around the country await the return of patrons, the main conduit between teams and their loyal fanbases has been the digital space. In this roundtable, professionals from different leagues explain how their production team is developing digital-first content and live streams and how avenues like mobile apps, team websites, and social-media platforms are uniting fans while remaining apart.

Conversation Leaders:
Nate Bain, Tennessee Titans, Social Media Manager

Lauren Cochran, Miami HEAT, Senior Director, Interactive Media
Ryan Delgado, Tampa Bay Rays, Manager, Digital Marketing

Mike Fitzsimmons, Olympia Entertainment, Detroit Red Wings, Lead Producer/Editor
Kristian Hernandez, SVG, Associate Editor and Social Media Manager
Danielle Lewis, New York Islanders, Director of Game Presentation
Eric Long, Philadelphia Eagles, VP of Content & Production

Dan Mannes, Detroit Red Wings, Coordinating Producer
Jay O’Brien, Baltimore Ravens, VP, Broadcasting and Gameday Productions
Nicky Patriarca, San Diego Padres, Director, Content


Capturing the Moment
With the NBA Finals and World Series being played under a bubble, many fans couldn’t experience the excitement of a championship run. In addition, fans flocked to social media to find a sense of a community. During a pursuit for a title, how did teams convey the wide array of emotions? When tragedy strikes, how can digital platforms create a sense of togetherness?

Feeding the At-Home Fan
Stadiums around the nation are still operating below max capacity. Whether you’re a team anxiously waiting for the start of the next NHL season, an NFL club in the mist of competition, or an NHL squad knee deep in the Toronto and Edmonton bubbles, what are the digital offerings that are keeping at-home fans entertained?
Safety and Access:
Since the resumption of U.S. sports, professional teams were asked to adapt to new health and safety protocols, including tiering systems and non-credentialed zones of access. With content crews operating in different areas of the facility and the possibility of miscommunication at an all-time high, how are crews sidestepping these restrictions to produce day-to-day content in a responsible way?Click HERE for other Monday sessions.
Time Session
2:00 - 3:15 p.m.
All times are in EST

Digital Content and Social Media Production Roundtable

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