Future of Truck Design Roundtable

Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Time: 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. ET


Mobile production units will always play a big role in production, but new forms of connectivity and their ability to serve as a hub connected to remote production personnel opens up new possibilities for their configuration, the number of positions needed, and more. Join us for an open and free-form discussion of key concepts in the future of truck design.

Conversation Leaders:
Al Karloff, Dome Productions, Manager, Engineering Services
Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Executive Director, Editorial

Joe Signorino, NEP Broadcast Services, VP, Systems Integration, U.S. Mobile Units
Jason Taubman, Game Creek Video, SVP, Technology
Tim Walker, AJA Video Systems, Senior Product Manager

Peter Wehner, Mobile TV Group, Director of Engineering


2:00 p.m.: The Future of National Network Truck Design
The building of a new truck for a national show is a very collaborative process. Typically, a new truck for a national show will be built as part of a long-term contract that will also see it be used by the same crew for multiple weeks, if not months. The pandemic has pushed national networks to work in new ways, with operators and personnel that would typically be on site tied into the truck from a remote site, including a home office. Does this mean new trucks for national shows might become smaller? Will the national truck serve as more of a hub, connected to remote production personnel and operators who are connected via the Internet? And how does this new future impact product design for things like replay, audio, graphics, and production switchers?

2:25 p.m.: The Future of RSN Truck Design
Truck design for regional sports networks can be very different compared to a national network build. The shows are smaller and sometimes the trucks may even be shared by two networks. How is the pandemic shifting truck design for RSNs? Is the pandemic causing a long-term move towards more of a host model with more shared resources between the home and away broadcaster? And what areas of innovation can make a difference in terms of workflows and design?

2:50 p.m.: The Truckless Future: Myth vs. Reality
Pandemic workflows coupled with cloud-based production tool innovations, IP, and the ability for production teams to be decentralized has led to a behind-the-scenes conversation about a “new normal” that may be very different from the way things were done at events before last March. How pragmatic are ideas around a radical way of working? Is that what the industry wants and if not, can radical ways of working be forced upon it? 

Sponsored by: AJA

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Time Session
2:00 - 3:15 p.m.
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Future of Truck Design Roundtable

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