Mike Fitzsimmons

Olympia Entertainment, Detroit Red Wings, Lead Producer/Editor
Since 2017, Mike Fitzsimmons has served as the lead producer and editor for the Detroit Red Wings. His work also includes producing and editing projects for the live event of arm of the company 313Presents. His responsibilities range the entire gambit of production needs of live sporting events and commercial and promotional production, to live stream series and events.
Fitzsimmons began his production career during a break in his studies at the University of Michigan when he worked as an assistant recording engineer at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. In his two years there, he had the pleasure of working, not only with numerous local Detroit bands, but national and international recording artists including The Romantics, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Malcolm McClaren, Nazareth, and guitar legend Jeff Beck. After returning to school and graduating from U of M, he worked briefly for King World Television in Washington, D.C. before moving to Los Angeles.
While in LA, Fitzsimmons worked on numerous series pilots, movies of the week, and live broadcasts including the MTV Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards. However, the bulk of his time was spent in a six year run as a producer on the HBO series, The Larry Sanders Show, where he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award. He was also one in a group of producers who received two Peabody Awards, a nomination for Producer of the Year (Comedy) from the Producers Guild of America, and nominations for Golden Globe Awards. Fitzsimmons won dozens of Cable Ace Awards.

After his return to Michigan, in 2006 Fitzsimmons opened his own production company with clients that have included Fox Sports Detroit, The Discovery Networks, The MacArthur Foundation, and The U.S. Army. He also spent nearly two years working in the Athletic Department of his alma mater, the University of Michigan, as a senior producer and editor. In his time since returning to Michigan, Fitzsimmons has been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards, of which he has won three.
Featured in: Digital Content and Social Media Production Roundtable (12/14)

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