Brian Perkins

MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems

Brian Perkins is the senior director of IT Production Systems for MLB Network. He oversees graphics technology, production system integration, and the continual evolution of statistical systems used to enhance storytelling. In addition to MLB Network, Perkins oversees the IT production systems for NHL Network, whose daily on-air operations haven been based and operated out of the MLB Network headquarters since October of 2015. An eight-time Emmy Award winner, Perkins places particular importance on automating creation of on-screen and on-set graphical elements containing baseball and hockey data.

Perkins has been a key member of MLB Network since it debuted on January 1, 2009 in a record-setting 50-million homes, the largest launch in cable history at the time.

Prior to joining MLB Network, he spent eight years with NBC News as the director of newsroom computer systems. At NBC, Perkins drove the transition from siloed newsroom systems to an enterprise-wide connected newsroom “community.”

A true believer in the power of data, Perkins started his career scoring Little League games in New Jersey and later moving on to record stats for the basketball coaching staff at the University of Notre Dame. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1995 and holds a master of science degree in technology management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Featured in: Graphics and Augmented Reality Roundtable (12/16)

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