Ken Aagaard

SVG Chairman Emeritus and Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Chairman

Meg Aronowitz

ESPN, Coordinating Producer II

Nate Bain

Tennessee Titans, Social Media Manager

Ken Barski

Milwaukee Bucks, Director of Broadcast Technology

Dave Belding

LiveU, Sales Director, Sports

Paul Benedict

NBA, VP, Broadcasting Content Management

Craig Bernstein

NBC Sports, VP, Remote Technical Operations

Eric Black

NBCUniversal, SVP, U.S. Operations and Video, Peacock

Daniel Blanchard

MLB, Senior Director, Media Technology

Onnie Bose

NFL, Vice President, Broadcasting

Deborah Boulac

CBS Sports, Producer

Scott Bounds

Microsoft, Media Cloud Architect

Paul Briscoe

TAG Video Systems, Chief Architect

Chris Brown

Turner Sports, VP, Operations and Technology

Tab Butler

MLB Network, Senior Director, Media Management and Post Production

Kevin Callahan

Fox Sports, VP, Field Operations and Engineering

Mary Ellen Carlyle

Dome Productions, SVP and GM

Justin Casserly

Las Vegas Raiders, Director, Game and Event Presentation

Brad Cheney

Fox Sports, VP, Field Operations and Engineering

Dennis Cleary

ESPN, Director, Remote Production Operations

Lauren Cochran

Miami HEAT, Senior Director, Interactive Media

Jason Cohen

CBS Sports and CBS Sports Network, VP, Remote Technical Operations

Tim Corrigan

ESPN, Senior Coordinating Producer

Brandon Costa

SVG, Director of Digital

Michael Cronk

Grass Valley, VP, Advanced Technology

Jason Dachman

SVG, Chief Editor

Mike Davies

Fox Sports, SVP, Technical and Field Operations; SVG Chairman

John de Havilland

Microsoft, Customer Success Director

Ryan Delgado

Tampa Bay Rays, Manager, Digital Marketing

Chris DeRuyscher

Texas Rangers, Senior Director, Ballpark Entertainment – Productions and Promotions

Tina DiVilio

San Jose Sharks, Event Presentation Manager

Ben Dolinky

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Chief Broadcast and A/V Engineer

David Dukes

PGA TOUR Entertainment, Senior Director, Technical Operations

Patti Fallick

United States Tennis Association (USTA), Managing Director, Broadcast

Joel Feld

National Lacrosse League, EVP, Broadcast and Content

Ken Ferguson

IMS Productions, Director, Broadcast Operations

Mike Fitzsimmons

Olympia Entertainment, Detroit Red Wings, Lead Producer/Editor

Janel Fleming

LiveU, Director of Sales and Sales Group Manager, Sports

Mike Francis

CBS Sports, VP, Remote Engineering

Mike Fredriksen

RT Software, Commercial Director

Kerry Freeman

IMES UK & I, Head of Sales

Desmond Gallahue

Telstra Broadcast Services, Global Account Director, Media and Broadcast, Telstra Americas

Phil Garvin

Mobile TV Group, Founder and CEO

Bruce Goldfeder

NFL Media, VP of Engineering

Ivan Gottesfeld

NHL, Executive Vice President, Broadcasting

Anne Graham

Turner Sports Library, Assistant Manager, Media Management

Jason Hedgcock

MLB Network, Director, Remote Technical Operations

Steve Hellmuth

NBA Entertainment, EVP, Media Operations and Technology

Kristian Hernandez

SVG, Associate Editor and Social Media Manager

Chad Hudson

NBC Sports and Golf Channel, Art Director

Russ Jenisch

Denver Broncos, Senior Director of Event Presentation and Production

Billy Johnson

Cincinnati Reds, Productions Manager

Simon Jones

IMES UK & I, Studio Manager

Alex Joyce

The Switch, Senior Sales Engineer

Al Karloff

Dome Productions, Manager, Engineering Services

Aron Kennedy

San Francisco 49ers, VP, Game Day Production and Broadcast Operations

Ken Kerschbaumer

SVG, Executive Director, Editorial

Karen Hogan Ketchum

SVG, Director of Production and Director, SVGW

Dave Klee

A+E Networks, VP, Strategic Media Solutions

Joe Kuchie

New Jersey Devils, Senior Manager, Scoreboard and Live Production

John Kvatek

University of Central Florida, Associate AD, Multimedia and Creative

Kevin Landy

USGA, Senior Director, Broadcasting and Production

Danielle Lewis

New York Islanders, Director of Game Presentation

Jason Lobb

MLB Network, Director

JP LoMonaco

CBS Sports, VP, On-Air Graphics and Design

Eric Long

Philadelphia Eagles, VP, Content and Production

Patricia Lowry

ESPN, Coordinating Producer II

Dan Mannes

Detroit Red Wings, Coordinating Producer

Geoff Mason

Sports Broadcasting Hall of Famer and Industry Consultant

Steve Mayer

NHL, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, Events and Entertainment

David Mazza

NBC Sports Group and NBC Olympics, SVP and CTO

Bernadette McDonald

MLB, SVP, Broadcast Operations

Moira McGinley

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, VP for Development / Chief Development Officer

Greg Morrow

Bitcentral, General Manager of FUEL

Tim Murphy

Microsoft, Principal Program Manager, Azure Media and Entertainment

Dustin Myers

Fox Sports, SVP, Production Operations

Jim Nachtman

Penn State Athletics, Assistant Athletics Director, Media and Video Production

Jay O’Brien

Baltimore Ravens, VP, Broadcasting and Gameday Productions

Tim O’Shaughnessy

ESPN, Creative Director

Dan O’Neill

NHL, Vice President, Arena and Event Operations

Eddie Okuno

ESPN, Senior Remote Operations Specialist

Nicky Patriarca

San Diego Padres, Director, Content

Brian Perkins

MLB Network, Senior Director, IT Production Systems

Cassidy Phillips

Imagine Communications, VP, Networking Solutions

David Pinkel

EVS, VP, Key Accounts, the Americas

Patty Power

CBS Sports, EVP, Operations and Engineering

Chris Priess

Mediapro Canada, Vice President

Kristen Pugh

Kansas City Chiefs, Manager of Game and Event Entertainment

Michael Raimondo

PGA TOUR Entertainment, Senior Director, Media Asset Management and Broadcast Innovation

Steve Reintjes

NHRA, VP, Broadcasting and NHRA on Fox, Show Producer

Geoff Reiss

Yahoo Sports, General Manager and Vice President

Amy Rosenfeld

ESPN, VP, Production

David Rudolph

PlayOn / NFHS Network, Founder, CEO

Jarrett Schwenzer

Nutanix, Director of Business Development, Media and Entertainment

Chris Scoggins

Activision Blizzard Esports, Senior Media Asset Manager for Global Broadcast

Ryan Servant

CatDV, VP, Business Development, North America

David Shapiro

Pixellot, President, North America

Dave Shaw

NFL Media, VP, Head of Media Operations

Stephan Shelanski

VSiN, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

Jordan Shorthouse

Turner Sports, Creative Director

Stu Siegel

Hockey TV, Chairman/CEO

Joe Signorino

NEP Broadcast Services, VP, Systems Integration, U.S. Mobile Units

Suzanne Smith

CBS Sports, Producer/Director and We Need to Talk, Coordinating Producer/Director

Jacob Soto

MLB Network, VP, Engineering and IT

Paul Spinelli

Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Director of Engineering

Mike Stevens

Indianapolis Colts, Operations Manager of Video Engineering

Josh Stinehour

Devoncroft Partners, Principal Analyst

Susan Stone

MLB Network, SVP, Operations and Engineering

Jeremy Strootman

CatDV, VP of Business Development

Steve Stum

NASCAR, VP, Operations and Technical Production

Pat Sullivan

Game Creek Video, President and Founder

Michael “Spike” Szykowny

ESPN Creative Services, Senior Director, Motion Graphics and Production Planning

Jason Taubman

Game Creek Video, SVP, Technology

Chris Taylor

Ball State Sports Link and Esports, Senior Director of Sports Production

Steven Thorpe

Fox Corporation, VP, Video Platforms

Jared Timmins

TVU Networks, SVP of Solutions

Larry Tiscornia

Media Production and Operations Consultant

Tim Walker

AJA Video Systems, Senior Product Manager

Peter Wehner

Mobile TV Group, Director of Engineering

Mike Werteen

NEP Broadcast Services, President

Scott West

Program Productions, President and CEO

Adam Whitlock

ESPN, Associate Director, Remote Traffic Operations

Joe Zaller

Devoncroft Partners, Founder